Due to the increasing gap between the rich and the poor, most families find themselves in difficult circumstances and therefore, vulnerable to ways such as prostitution, illegal recruitment, begging, and the likes.

Abuse and violence against women and children have become everyday events.

With these problems/issues, it needs quick response from the government, thus, the concept of the Crisis Intervention Center (Cic). The crisis intervention center will provide immediate response to crisis situations affecting individuals and families.

The Provincial Government of Pangasinan thru the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office will maintain a Crisis Intervention Center to answer the needs of the Pangasinense in difficult circumstances.


The Crisis Intervention Center is a special unit operating on a 24 hour basis to serve as an action center to immediately respond to cases of individuals and families in crisis situations. It provides integrated services such as immediate rescue and protection, provision of direct financial assistance and referrals for immediate medical, legal, psychosocial services including temporary shelter to clients.

1.1 Center Based
The survivors of domestic violence are accommodated in facilities called Pangasinan Crisis Intervention Center. While at the center, appropriate services will be rendered based on needs.

1.2 Community Based
The survivors of deomestic violence who need not be placed in the center can be helped in coordination with the City/Municipal Social Welfare and Development Officers for monitoring.


Center of solicitude and competence, strives to empower women and children Pangasinense to fight and eliminate all forms of violence thereby promoting their sense of individuality and integrity.


The Pangasinan Crisis Intervention Center will serve as safe intermediary home for the less fortunate individuals and families, especially the survivors of domestic violence and to work toward the elimination of all forms of violence through:

• Provision of short term shelter to individuals/women/children victim/survivor of abuses and strandees
• 24-hour hotline
• Counseling services
• Referral services/facilitation for medical or legal procedures
• Information Education Campaign


To provide a comprehensive and integrated programs for the rescue, protection and provision of immediate financial, material, physical, psychosocial, spiritual and legal service to individuals and families in crisis situations including disaster victims.


Target clientele of the CIC who are categorized either walk-in, rescued and referred client includes the following:

1. Victims of Physical Abuse – refers to acts that include bodily physical harm

2. Victims of Sexual Abuse – refers to an act which is sexual in nature, committed against a woman or her child.

• Incest – women and children who have carnal relations with their parents, siblings or blood relatives to the fourth degree of consanguinity.
• Rape – women and children who have been victims of genital copulation, usually accompanied by bodily threat.
• Acts of Lasciviousness – any intentional touching, either directly or through clothing, of the genitalia, anus or any of the private parts of a child.

3. Victims of Psychological Abuse – refers to acts of omissions causing or likely to cause mental or emotional suffering of the victim such as but not limited to intimidation, harassment, stalking, damage to property, public ridicule or humiliation, repeated (verbal) abuse and marital infidelity.

4. Victims of Economic Abuse – refers to acts that make or attempt to make a woman financially dependent.

5. Strandees– refers to individuals who are in need of temporary shelter with a maximum of 72 hours of stay (with exact address and no mental disability)

6. Victims of Human Trafficking – refers to individuals who fall under RA 9208


1. 8 hours hotline service which includes but is not limited to giving information and counseling.
2. Rescue Operation
Respond to cases needing immediate action in coordination with law enforcers and other government agencies.
3. Residential care, minimum of 3 days and maximum of 7 days stay.
4. Referral services
Clients shall be referred to other agencies for availment of:
a. Legal
b. Medical
c. Transportation
d. Psychological testing
5. Financial Assistance
6. Program Advocacy


Click here for a copy of the CIC BROCHURE (English).

Click here for a copy of the CIC BROCHURE (Tagalog).